No middle-man, maximum efficiency… Fjordtech’s turnkey project is the perfect solution.

Fjordtech offers genuine turnkey projects. We have our own engineering department, manufacturing shop and we also bring the project to terms by doing the on-site installation.

What could be a better peace-of-mind than a turnkey project handled by one team who validates every step along the way.

A turnkey project includes :

  • developing by our engineering team solutions according to your specific needs;
  • fashioning personalized plans and specifications;
  • performing the necessary simulations and tests;
  • establishing the costs and schedules for the project;
  • manufacturing of the necessary components for your project;
  • installation of the project;
  • supervising and validating each step of the project;
  • post-completion follow-up.

Complying with the established costs and schedules is crucial to the success of a turnkey project. Therefore, Fjordtech’s highly creative, trained and trustworthy team will take charge of your project and bring it to terms worry-free.

No middle-man, maximum efficiency… the turnkey project from Fjordtech is the perfect solution.