Creative, Innovative and Avant-Garde

Accumulating successes over the years, Fjordtech Industries has continued to broaden its engineering expertise.

Efficiency and innovation are two key words for our team of highly-qualified engineers whose main objective is to ensure the completion of our clients’ projects on time and on budget.

We offer services which integrate up-to-date technology with teamwork. Our state-of-the-art software allows our team to simulate the end result of the planned modifications before they are actually performed.

Fjordtech’s engineering team has provided clients with significant savings through equipment modernization and/or modifications within the clients’ facilities.

With Fjordtech’s expertise, a mining multinational was able to set a tonnage record for its production line.

We have also conceived a method for one of our clients which reduced the cost of a replacement part by 60% while increasing the part’s overall durability.

These are a few examples demonstrating our engineering team’s potential.

Numbers of clients have taken advantage of our turnkey project option to increase their profits.

Having the same team to engineer, manufacture and install provides for a better control of the quality every step along the way.

Fjordtech Industries offers services in industrial process engineering which can rival those offered by larger engineering firms.

Mechanical Engineering Projects:

  • Modernizing equipment to optimize production capacity
  • Manufacturing of new processing equipment
  • Certified verification of hoisting and lifting equipment
  • Producing cost workbooks
  • Conceiving three dimensional designs for every project
  • Finite element simulation (static, dynamic, thermal, stress, fatigue, nonlinear, …)
  • Quotations and estimates
  • Producing reports (efficiency, conformity, simulation, observation, …)
  • Planning with the use of Microsoft Project
  • Designing

Steel Structure Projects

  • Modifications to current structures to improve processing capacities
  • Verification of the conformity
  • Detailing
  • Quotations and estimates
  • Planning with the use of Microsoft Project
  • Leasing of specialized personnel
  • Calculation files
  • Finite element simulation
  • CWB and RBQ welding techniques (welding engineer)
  • Sequencing and support during temporary production shutdowns
  • Hoisting and lifting plans
  • Hoisting and lifting equipment and beams
  • Protection of machinery
  • Equipment reliability
  • Conceptualization of mechanical equipment
  • Structures (gangway, gateway, catwalk, load-bearing structures, …)
  • Worksite supervision
  • Technical drawings using AutoCAD and SolidWorks
  • Industrial process engineering