Specialized in mechanical and civil engineering and also in welding.




Technical support is provided by CAD/CAM draftspeople.




When ExperienceKnow-How and Discipline are in command.

Our team of engineers, who are specialized in mechanical and civil engineering and also in welding, excels at finding ways to optimize the productivity of plants, at proposing innovative solutions to address specific tasks and at suggesting efficient mechanisms to meet daily issues that clients must tackle. We offer a service combining high technology, teamwork and technical experience.

FJORDTECH also distinguishes itself by the way it manages projects in terms of quality control and how it exercises supervision on site and in the workshop in terms of occupational health and safety.

FJORDTECH assists its clients by:

  • Offering support throughout the project;
  • Visiting sites to ensure compliance of the work;
  • Conducting feasibility analysis and conceiving manufacturing projects;
  • Supplying proposal booklets and using finite element;
  • Giving project estimates and specifications and submitting compliance reports;
  • Doing the project planning with timelines and labour flow;
  • Delivering turnkey projects, from design to fabrication, to installing and maintenance;
  • Providing 3D scans of installations to assure clarity of graphic designs.


Technical support is provided by CAD/CAM draftspeople who each have at least 20 years of experience.

FJORDTECH mainly works in 3D for all drawings. Whether it is a technical element, a mechanical part, an element of structure or a specific or unique part of a project that requires the use of multiple equipment, anything can be drawn up at FJORDTECH.

FJORDTECH software is state of the art and compatible with all its high-tech devices. This allows FJORDTECH to design a plan with an accuracy that is out of this world.


In our workshop, a multidisciplinary team works on the assembly, the welding and the realization of different projects. Project managers, draftspeople and FJORDTECH’s experienced workers work closely together to ensure the quality and the compliance of the work. Whether the project consists of fabricating custom-made parts, specific structures, special equipment or replacement parts or reproducing some structures, there is no limit to what we can do for our customers.

Our welders, our welders-assemblers, our pipe fitters, all have the required qualifications to carry out their work. These skilled workers are CWB certified in a number of processes such as SMAW, FCAW, GMAW, and TIG. Some are recognized under the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) as high-pressure welders. They can work with steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and other special alloys.

Fjordtech est aussi reconnue par le CMMTQ pour exécuter des travaux de tuyauterie industrielle et vaisseaux sous pression.


For nearly 25 years, multidisciplinary teams have overseen plant shutdowns. Regardless the sector of activity and the work to be done, FJORDTECH puts a priority on quality, meeting deadlines and occupational health and safety.

For parts or equipment repairs or maintenance, for part replacements, or the dismantlement of equipment, FJORDTECH has gained a reputation as a leader on the market thanks to its expert field workers who have offered their skills and knowledge in welding, mechanics, piping, pressure vessels, installation of fixed structures and equipment, reservoirs or tanks, boilers, catwalks, machine guards, etc.


In our workshop, a multidisciplinary team works on the assembly…




For nearly 25 years, multidisciplinary teams have actively taken part in…




FJORDTECH has an established presence in pulp and paper plants and sawmills. In fact, the company has a signed agreement until 2021 to service Resolute Forest Products’ six paper mills in eastern Québec.

  Maintenance of pulp bleaching systems

 Maintenance of wood preparation systems

Fabrication and installation of manifolds,
feed pipes and tanks of all types;

 Maintenance and major repairs of
kilns (14’ diameter x 400’)

Fabrication and installation of super holding tank structures


FJORDTECH designs, fabricates and installs mechanically welded parts and launches multiple maintenance or servicing projects for aluminum smelters.

 Fabrication and installation of catwalks, guardrails,
propeller guards and ladders, staircases;

 Dust catcher maintenance;

Plumbing and heating system maintenance
for the plant (CMMTQ member);

 Fabrication and restoration of chimneys of
all sizes;

Coke-oven maintenance;

Overhead crane maintenance and rail replacements;

Fabrication and installation of machine protections;

Maintenance and repair of overhead and air slide conveyors;

Dismantlement and complete reconstruction of a steel furnace;


FJORDTECH carries out maintenance and equipment improvement projects to increase production capacity.

Maintenance, servicing and laser alignment of
motors and pumps;

Design and installation of pump boxes;

Maintenance of ball or rod mills;

Maintenance and repair of belt conveyors, cyclones,
primary and secondary crushers and production winches;

Water pipe sealing while in operation (pressure < 350 Psi (G) and
T° < 60°C)

Design and installation of flotation cells;

Design and installation of paste backfill systems;

Design and implementation of a pumping station, a booster pumping
station, and process lines of all kinds;


FJORDTECH has played an active role in major projects in this sector, where its teams can reach 100 workers or more.

 Design and installation of machine protections.

 Maintenance and repair of electrostatic precipitators;

Maintenance of dust collectors and reactors;

Realization of multiple welding and mechanical works;

Repair of pipes of various sizes;

Installation of catwalks, guardrails, propeller guards and ladders, stair cases;


FJORDTECH performs specific work in particular environments. In general, specific welding and piping skills are required.

Installation of steel and stainless steel tanks;

Replacement of wooden tank covers;

Installation of various structures.

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