FJORDTECH is proud of its multidisciplinary and qualified workers part of each department: engineering, manufacturing, installation and maintenance.

Our Mission

FJORDTECH is an innovative company offering engineering, manufacturing, maintenance and industrial mechanics services. From the designing to the manufacturing, even to the installation of the welded and machined parts, we help our clients achieve their full operational potential.

Our Vision

FJORDTECH wants to maintain its leader position for industrial processes in the industrial sector in Quebec. We want our clients to benefit from our expertise and our competence to enable them to continue the development and growth of their production capacities. By allowing its clients to rely on its efficiency, quality of service and work ethics, Fjordtech will continue to widen its branding in the various industries in which it is involved.

FJORDTECH also wishes to offer quality employment opportunities and to provide its employees with professional challenges which will enable them to grow within their area of expertise. We value health and safety at work and make it a priority for our teams.

Our Values


As a principle for our company and its employees, we show our honesty through our actions, our professionalism through our work, and our righteousness through our commitments. We respect everyone in his/her competence and actions.


Everyone together, pulling together and moving together… Each resource is involved in his/her work and valued for his/her expertise. Our employees’ teamwork and perseverance provides them with the utmost desire to succeed and to answer every client’s needs.


We recognize every employee’s expertise and competence. We thrive to remain fair and just.

Health and Safety at Work

We maintain and respect every employee’s physical and moral integrity. We pursue a zero-risk and zero-danger work environment by having a safety-first approach and by taking all necessary measures in every area in which our employees are involved.

FJORDTECH guarantees a multifaceted workforce to satisfy the clients’ needs. Our employees and resources are highly qualified with excellent field knowledge and they have become the backbone of our reputable successes.