Membership certificate of the Corporation of Master Pipe Mechanics of Quebec (CMMTQ)

The CMMTQ recognizes the competencies of FJORDTECH in this field of expertise. This certificate allows FJORDTECH to work in industrial and institutional environments and with pressure piping and to perform work linked to certain heating and burner systems and plumbing.


ISO 9001 :2015

FJORDTECH is certified ISO 9001:2015. FJORDTECH has been certified ISO since 2003; we integrate ISO standards in our processes.



Fusion Welding of Steel
Company Certification
– CWB – Division 1

Fusion Welding of Aluminum
Company Certification
– CWB – Division 2

FJORDTECH is certified in Fusion Welding of Steel according to the standard CSA W47.1Division 1 and in Fusion Welding of Aluminum according to the standard CSA W47.2Division 2.


All our welders, welders-assemblers and mechanic-welders hold a CWB Certification in FCAW, SMAW, GMAW, GTAW or TIG. Some are even certified as high-pressure welders (steel and aluminum) by the RBQ.


Certification CSA B51
– Class H apparatus, piping
and factory accessories

No CSA standard. Has been integrated into the CWB.


Quality Control Program
– Pressure Vessels

Quality Control Program
– Pressure Vessels – Piping

FJORDTECH holds a contractor’s license in these categories:

  • General Contractor (Schedule I)
  • Specialized Contractor (Schedule II and III)

FJORDTECH is authorized to bid on, organize, coordinate, execute and to have executed the construction work included in these categories. In addition, FJORDTECH also holds a Pressure Installation Permit and must comply with the pressure vessel Quality Control Program for boilers and piping overseen by the RBQ.


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